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ProvenMed International

ProvenMed International

Rank: Winner

Industry: Healthcare

Country: Tunisia

Track: Startups Track

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ActivGo™ is the most appropriate palliative options for restoring normal social life for patient suffering from Urine Incontinence. The ActivGo™ system consists of three components: The Male Shell: which is a wearable, comfortable and secured urinal made of bio-compatible and skin friendly silicon. The shell allows urine to pass down to the collector without any obstructed flow. The collector: serves as a urine collecting bag. The Beehive shape of the collector allows a substantial amount of urine to evenly distribute over its cells without the bulging effect The pump: is an ergonomic, small and light reservoir filled with water / anti- bacterial solution that flushes the liquids to the shell by a simple and gentle press providing the shell with a douche system for cleaning and disinfecting the genitals actively preventing urine infections