Rank: 1st Runner up

Industry: Digital Technologies

Country: Lebanon

Track: Social Entrepreneurship Track

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FabricAID is implementing a successful European model that give incentives to NGOs to collect more clothing without worrying about expenses and distribution. FabricAID aggregates clothes from NGOs and for every kilogram of clothes collected, the contributing organization gets USD 0.5. The collected are graded, sorted into 70 categories and cleaned to be sold at extremely affordable prices to marginalized communities through thrift shops and pop-up markets. Items are sold at a price ranging between USD 0.33 and USD 2. FabricAID also collects clothes through an innovative, smart clothing bin system. The bins are equipped with sensors that monitor the level of clothes and notify collection teams when to pass by to empty each bin. Each time the bins are emptied, the clothes are weighed and a selected charity receives USD 0.5 per kilogram. Clothes that are inappropriate for reuse are shredded and used as stuffing for pillows and couches.