To be eligible to apply to the competition, your idea/startup should consist of at least 2 team members, knowing that team member profiles are a crucial criteria in evaluating an application.

Entrepreneurs from all ages may apply. If selected as a semifinalist, applicants who are under the age of 18 might need a legal guardian to travel with them. MITEF Pan Arab will not cover the cost of travel of the guardian.

No, each team/entrepreneur is only allowed one entry.

No, you may only apply to the track that is most relevant to you. The MITEF Pan Arab team reserves the right to place you in a different track than what you have selected if deemed more suitable.

To be eligible to apply to the Startups Track, the startup has to have sales and a database of user traction.

If your startup is not registered in an Arab country but operates in one, then you can still apply.

Any information provided by the teams will not be shared with any third party without the consent and approval of the concerned team.

MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab does not claim any proprietary rights over the initiatives, technologies, or ideas that are submitted to the competition. All ideas and technologies are the sole property of the submitters.

The winners of the competition are granted an equity-free prize money, hence MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab does not have any ownership entitlement to the startup.

You must apply through our website https://www.mitarabcompetition.com/

  1. Create an account or log in if you already have one
  2. Select the language in which you wish to apply with
  3. Select the track
  4. Fill out the application form
  5. Submit the application before the deadline

Note that you may save your application answers at any time and submit it once finalized.

A total of around 60 teams get selected from the 3 tracks - Startups, Ideas and Social Enterprises.

MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab announces the names of the selected semifinalists on the competition’s websites and social media channels.

On the day of the announcement, all teams (selected and non selected) will be notified by email about the results.

Selected semifinalist teams will participate in a total of a 4-day event in the host city.

The program starts with a 2-day intensive training designed by MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab after which, the teams will pitch in front of the Round 2 judging where the 30 finalist teams will be selected.

The selected finalist teams will in turn pitch to the Round 3 judges who will select the winners of the competition. The judges of each round will be from different professional backgrounds.

Teams will also be provided with mentorship activities where they get the chance to network with professionals and investors.

The bootcamp is an intensive 2-day training program designed to bootstrap teams for the final judging rounds. Participation is mandatory for at least 1 member from the founding or management team of the startup.

MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab will cover the travel expenses for up to 2 members per team. The travel expenses covered include flight tickets, accommodation, and transportation from/to the training venue (if needed).

MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab does not guarantee assistance with the visas.

During the final event, all semifinalist teams will get booths to exhibit their project/startup.
Winners will be announced by the end of the event.
Participation is mandatory for at least 1 member from the founding team that attended the bootcamp.

Yes, they can. However, MITEF Pan Arab only covers expenses for up to 2 members per team.

Attendance to the bootcamp, final event and awards ceremony is mandatory for at least one team member from the founding team.

If your team has qualified for the semifinals in the last competition’s edition, the team will have to wait for another 2 editions before applying again.

If a participating team does not respect the rules of the competition, and is not being responsive with the MITEF Pan Arab team over a period of time, or if a team member is behaving in an unprofessional and disturbing manner, MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab reserves the right to disqualify the team from the competition without prior notice.

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